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Aboriginal Education


Our Home school coordinators are:  Mrs. Pierre, Mrs. Antoine

Home school coordinators are proactive members of the school staff who support the educational program and services of Aboriginal students and assist teachers and parent/guardians to increase and promote student success by advocating for students and the school.

They act as a positive Aboriginal role model for students and promote pride in Aboriginal culture.  Home school coordinators function as a member of the school-based team and participate in team meetings regarding progress and placement of students.  They also work and consult with teachers and parents to discuss the social, emotional and academic progress of all Aboriginal students on a regular basis.

We also receive support from Nak'azdli and Tl'az'ten Education Coordinators who visit our school on a weekly basis and stay in close contact with their students and FSJSS administration and staff.


In this course students will explore First Nations culture, literature and history.  This course has a literacy focus.  Students study local and national Aboriginal history and culture.  Elders and community members will come in to help us learn about the local area.


is a study of the traditions and history of BC's First Nations peoples for all students' regardless of their cultural background.  This course focuses on the richness and diversity of First Nations languages and cultures within their own context including oral traditions, creation stories, First Nations literature and art.  Students will look at the history of contact with Europeans and evolving responses of BC First Nations to contact, leadership and self‑determination in the 20th century studies.​