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FSJSS offers many Career Programs designed for a variety of students. Students are encouraged to meet regularly with our Career Programs Coordinators.


 – specifically for Grades 10 through 12 students.  Throughout the school year, the Career Centre offers interested students the opportunity to participate in exploration projects in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Health
  • Trades
  • Heavy Duty
  • Forest Management
  • Firefighting

Other programs offered through the Career Centre include Encounters with Canada, Junior Initial Attack, RCMP Youth Academy as well as the Courtlink and P.A.R.T.Y. Programs.


The Work Experience Program (WEX) is an opportunity for motivated students to receive secondary school credit for work or volunteer experience, outside training or participation in career exploration projects.


  • Many post-secondary institutions require some work experience in order to be admitted into their program.
  • The majority of employers want to see previous work experience before they hire.
  • The graduation process stresses the importance of career development and work experience.
  • Work experience can lead to summer, part-time or full time employment.
  • Career Preparation provides the opportunity to develop maturity, independence and good work habits.  You can also make some good contacts for later in life.



Students must sign up in the Career Programs office to enroll in the Work Experience Program.  January graduates need to be signed up by November 1st of their grad year while June gradates need to sign up by April 1st.
Students need to fulfill two criteria to complete the WEX program and receive four grade 12 credits towards gradation.

  • Documentation of their 120 hours of experience (this can be paid or unpaid work, outside training course, projects and career exploration.  A maximum of 90 hours from any one work placement will be counted.)
  • Completion of four courses from their career focus area.

As well as the Work Experience Program, the Career Centre also assists students interested in Secondary School Apprentice (SSA) and Career Technical Centre (CTC) Programs.  Job opportunities are also posted through our office by local employers.



Please be advised that all schools in British Columbia have implemented the provincial government's daily physical activity (DPA) requirements.  These requirements are part of the Graduation Transitions plan described in this booklet.

Grade 10, 11 and 12 students must complete their DPA sheets.  These sheets can be handed in monthly to Mrs. Rokoratu at the front office.  Students will be given a "Requirements Not Met" if they do not complete and hand in their forms for each semester.

Students must document and report a minimum of 150 minutes per week of physical activity at a moderate to vigorous intensity.  They are given a number of choices for how they can meet the daily physical activity requirements at school, at home and in the community.  Daily physical activity can be as simple as walking, running, jogging, bending and stretching.  If your son/daughter is in PE classes, they will not have to complete the DPA sheets for that semester.  However, during the semester that they do not have theses courses, they must hand in the DPA sheets.


All grade 8 students will be enrolled in this course.  Students will be instructed on a variety of topics such as healthy eating, relationships, career exploration and personal safety.

For more information please visit the BC Education website at